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Lyrics to "Saigon in the Sand":

Just glued together your nice letter mom
It got shredded by a splinter from a bomb
Or, "improvised explosive device"
How hard it is to improvise a life

Went real smooth at first, all of us thought
Drove straight to Baghdad and we hardly fought
But a year now in this godforsaken land
It's seeming like a Saigon in the sand

That same bomb killed 3 folks in my platoon
The Pentagon now sings a sadder tune
I guess they know they put us up a creek
And that guy from Spain took off for home lastweek

"We're with you" is so easy just to say
Toby Keith can have my rifle any day
And anyone who thinks that they're the man
You're welcome to my Saigon in the sand

Why, why, why'd they have to lie?
There are some things for which I'm proud to die
But for oil in the soil or just meaningless turmoil
This soldier wants to hang his head and cry

The natives here aren't bad but now they think
We look like foreign devils and we stink
Fallujah is revolting and the others need a scolding
But they have guns, and some don't run

Some lady in a robe didn't like Saddam
She did seem mighty happy he was gone
But when we sent her son home in a hearse
I guess she then decided we were worse

Nobody told us it could all go wrong
Looks like we raised a Moslem Viet Cong
The Mekong and the Tigris, as fierce as some old tigress
And Baghdad town, shoots Black Hawks down

At Thanksgiving I didn't see the President
He came a couple hours then he went
This desert madness got Jay Garner canned
But I'm still stuck in this Saigon in the sand

Why, why, why'd they have to lie?
There are things for which I'd be proud to die
But for nation liberation which just seems like agitation
This soldier wants to hang his head and cry

A year ago poor Jessica got lynched
And now it looks like Keith Maupin got pinched
It's like Middle East "Survivor", the Shi'ites shot my driver
But I escaped, at least that one day

I feel like some big old Kansas steak
Served up for eatin' on ceramic plate
Some AK-47 may be sending me to heaven
Or to hell, I just can't tell

The colonel had us look for WMD
We tried but well there's none that we can see
Maybe in D.C. reason lost command
So they send us to some Saigon in the sand

One mean Marine I knew was turnin' green
A-bleeding and telling me what just had been,
"An A-10 took a pass, sent friendly fire up my ass"
She wished me well, before she fell

Why, why, why couldn't they have tried
A little more to help us in the fight
I never liked Osama, but where's the body armor?
My squadmate didn't have it and he died

The great Pat Tillman in Afghanistan
Our nation honors you, you were the man
I'm sorry we weren't there to get your back
'Cause we all got diverted southward to Iraq

I don't know if my letter'll make it back
Let's hope guerillas don't blow up the sack
Nothing here looks like it got well-planned
So, sayonara from my Saigon in the sand

So, we'll see ya, from our Saigon in the sand

Don't forget me in this Saigon in the sand

- - -

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