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Lyrics for "The Rapping of the Christ":

Dear sistas and brothas, come and take my advice  
Yo! Listen to the Rapping of the Christ

J to the Jizzo, C to the Chizzo                  
My name is Jesus Christ, so let's get bizzo      

Humankind's been wicked since history begins
That's why Homie had to die for yo' sins.

Who'd you think was gonna make the sacrifice:
Eminem, 50 Cent, or Vanilla Ice?

As you will see, I say to thee                
Jam Master Jesus is your M.C.

My coming was foretold in Isaiah 53
History is the game, now the playa comes down to thee

Mary Mary your little man thanks you          
Very so very highly he ranks you

Owing to your Immaculate Conception              
I lived in purity from birth to resurrection

--In a mangy manger, surrounded by danger
Thank you Three Kings, beneficent strangers

Mama and Joseph took me straight outta Bethlehem
Flying into Egypt, away from all the mayhem

Where can the Son of Man lay his weary head on Earth?

The devil himself tried to corrupt me,
And the bigwigs too, pretending to love me

"Yo yo Jesus! Come on and please us!
Sell out to the Pharisees and the skeezes!"

But I came to throw prostitution out the do'
Mary Magdalene yo, --she wasn't a ho no mo

"Savior of Israel, promised Messiah          
You believe in him, he'll take you high-er")

I healed the blind and dealt with the hazardous
And went beyond that--yo, I raised Lazarus

For telling the truth in Nazareth, I was labeled blasphemous
By the hypocrites and liars, who were truly scandalous

Some wouldn't believe, even those who'd see me
Walking on the sea, in Galilee

Me and my eleven favorite disciples
Went through some pains which were not delightful

Judas oh Judas why'd you put me through this  
Betraying yo' friends, that is the rudest.  

Abused by Caiaphas, Pilate, and Herod
Just what were all those bureaucrats scared of?

I was taken by the Romans and crucified
The sins of the world nailed me, and then I died

The nails, the scourging, the cross were all deranged
They gave me insane pain in my e-ve-ry mem-brane

Bodily life ceased in my incarnation
On the Cross at the twelfth station

My heavenly Father thought that attack was wack
So He reached down from Heaven and brought little Jesus back

"He came from the Virgin Mary's womb        
And then he busted a move right out of da tomb")      

Jesus Christ is presently rapping
Because he rose up from his funeral wrapping

I am meek and tender but I ain't no wimp
Been hit with a few nails but I ain't walk with a limp

Who let your God out? to infinity?
Yet another member of the Holy Trinity

Ascended up to my Father in such bliss
I said, Yo Satan: you can't touch this

Bearing my cross, they say I was stoic
But a real man has to be heroic

I came to save both Greeks and Hebrews;
Black and white, men and women, for all of them I paid the dues

The Gentiles and Jews, yo baby, you just can't lose
This is the day the Lord has made, so choose

I came to bring salvation, love and joy
So you can think of me as your heavenly homeboy

I love you all so much with a passion
To save you all, I took affirmative action

I lost myself for you, you can lose yourself in Me
We can find each other there and happy be

Your ark is carried homeward on the flood
of my precious, my precious, --my precious blood

Now don't obsess about power, sex or bling-bling
Just wait for when I come back, --the Return of the King

Faith, hope and love are all you really need
Don't succumb to lust, pride, murder or greed

We're all moving up    from death to life.  
I believe I can rise    up to the sky

John Mark Matthew and Luke were more than talkers
They knew that I am the real "sky walker"

It is your duty to go spread the Gospel
Even though all da people are hostile

Just like me, the Rabbi without a pause
Go spreading those gifts more than Santa Claus

Go make a joyful noise, I wanna hear it
Rap-ping with the Ho-ly Spi-rit

And go help the poor ease their weary heads
Cos I said that faith without works is dead.

"Go Jesus, Go Jesus, Go Jesus, Go Jesus")

Amen Amen, for believers, the story never ends
And at the Second Coming, I'll see you again, my friend

Peace out, Word, Word of God, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,
yo that's right, follow the light, so be nice and sleep tight,
never never give up the fight

[3x, fade out]

Copyright 2004 David Boyle "All rights reserved"

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